Words to Avoid In Personal Statement

words to avoid in personal statement

Knowing the word to use and words to avoid in personal statement will help you gain the advantage of doing it right in your essay. Your personal statement, as they say, is your marketing document to tell about your story and your experiences that you think will impress any reader that would read your essay. Check out the following for tips to know about writing your personal statement.

Good Words for Personal Statement

Your personal statement must be able to hit the readers into their eyes, compelling them to invite you for an interview. The first three sentences in your essay has the most crucial role in making this happen, as it serves as the hook that will compel your readers to go on and keep on reading.

When looking for words to use in a personal statement, you should avoid buzzwords, according to experts. To do it, you can check out the most overused of them from all graduate seekers out there. They add that these buzzwords make you lose the essence of your personal statement because they don’t tell much about you. The readers do not learn more about you, but see you as someone without much imagination. They would even think your PS sounds like a generic essay that they have read a thousand times.

When selecting for words to use in a personal statement, you must be able to cover the basics about you, including your selling point. These are the words or sentences that give a clear idea of your qualifications, experience and skills. These words should also be telling about your aspirations when you have entered the industry in the future.

Yet you shouldn’t forget that a personal statement word limit is another aspect you should pay attention to.

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Words to Avoid in Your Personal Statement

You may use the pronoun “I” but do not overdo. You should also be avoiding the use of the third person, such as “Mary is an outgoing and friendly…” You should keep in mind that the statement is about you and so you should not sound as if someone else’s is writing it for you.

According to experts, you should avoid sounding too simplistic in your essay, including starting your sentences with,

  • I am…
  • I did…
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Instead, you must use variety in sentence structure.

When writing, you should also be able to seduce the reader into reading further until the last sentences in your personal statement. In addition to that, customize your personal statement and avoid submitting the same to different schools. Instead, you can give yourself a better chance of entering the program if you would be able to display your interest and passion when writing as well as showing you have read and understand the things that the institution is looking for their candidates.

Learning of the words to use and words to avoid in personal statement can help in increasing your chances of being invited for an interview. You should keep your essay brief and concise so that you can introduce yourself well and leave a good impression and not send your readers to sleep.

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