How to Write Rheumatology Personal Statement to Get Matched in 2019-2020

rheumatology personal statement

ERAS® Rheumatology Fellowship Application Process

Most of the institutions accept applications for rheumatology program through ERAS. ERAS has two cycles, one starts in July and other in December. So, find out which cycle you can apply. The ERAS application process is a five steps process.

  • Step 1: Find out the program, you want to apply to, follows the July cycle or December cycle.
  • Step 2: get an electronic token from ERAS®.
  • Step 3: get yourself registered at MyERAS® for the application procedure.
  • Step 4: Upload all the necessary documents.
  • Step 5: Keep checking that your documents are successfully uploaded. You may receive an email for more information.

For rheumatology, you need to find requirements and required documents which the program demands. We have for you an amazing rheumatology fellowship personal statement sample to get inspired and write your own strong document.

Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement Writing

Rheumatology personal statement is very important for residency and for fellowship as well. Try to give your best, if you want to join a fellowship program of your choice. Rheumatology fellowship personal statement sample can help you to have some idea about the content. But you have to follow the ERAS personal statement guidelines. The length of the statement should be around 700 – 800 words, which is one and a half page, roughly. Make sure it does not exceed. Keep the format formal. Don’t use bullets and numbering and no colored fonts are allowed. Write in simple programs like notepad to avoid any formatting complications. Personal statement for rheumatology fellowship should cover some basic questions like your long term and short-term goals, reasons for your interest in rheumatology, etc. But answer these questions very briefly. Selectors are interested in an original personal statement, which are unique and positive. They invite those applicants for interview, who show the spark and determination for rheumatology. You also need to show your interest in that particular program, without comparing its other programs. Meet all EFDO requirements and standards, otherwise, you will experience difficulties while uploading the documents.

personal statement for rheumatology fellowship sample       rheumatology personal statement example

Where to Apply for Rheumatology Fellowship

For 2019 ERAS season, you can get many options for rheumatology fellowship. You must know about the top programs in this field. Here we have a list of rheumatology fellowship ranking, which can help you to know about the best choices.

  1. John Hopkins: Top of the list of the John Hopkins hospital. Interviews are starting from 6th September 2019.
  2. Cleveland Clinic: The second entry in this list is Cleveland clinic. It is a two years fellowship program, with research and clinical investigation opportunities.
  3. Mayo Clinic: Mayo Clinic offers a three years fellowship in Rheumatology but they accept only two fellows in a year.
  4. Brigham and Women’s Hospital: One of the top programs in rheumatology offers three years of fellowship. Ambulatory clinics, research, and inpatient consultation services are the core areas.
  5. Massachusetts General Hospital: One of the best and most top-rated programs. Apply here and see how competitive is rheumatology fellowship.
  6. UCSF: This San Diego hospital is well known for rheumatology fellowship as well.
  7. UCLA Los Aneles: the hospital offers fellowship on generative, inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases.

rheumatology fellowship personal statement writing

Frequently Asked Questions About Rheumatology Fellowship Application

What is the general length of the rheumatology fellowship program?
Some programs offer two years fellowship, while for others its length is three years, so it varies from program to program.
What is the application timeline?
Usually, applications are submitted through ERAS and it gives applicants two months time to complete the application on their portal.
What are the necessary documents for submission?
You need to submit your resume, personal statement, letters of recommendation and medical school transcripts.
How I can rise above the competition?
All documents are important but the personal statement can help you to rise above the competition. Keep your personal statement ERAS length one page and write quality content.
what is the fee for a fellowship if I apply through ERAS?
Fee depends on the number of programs you are applying to. Up to 10 programs its $115. From 11 to 20 you will be paying $13 each.

personal statement for rheumatology fellowship

Dos and Don’ts for Rheumatology Fellowship Personal Statement


  • Make an outline first and arrange the points.
  • Keep ERAS fellowship personal statement word limit in mind and don’t exceed that.
  • Write an original personal statement in your own words.
  • Get help from rheumatology personal statement examples for content and formatting.
  • Edit and proofread before submission.
  • Make sure you have information about ERAS timeline and fees.
  • Strictly follow ERAS personal statement guidelines.


  • Don’t copy from any sample, example or template.
  • Don’t use common clinches.
  • Don’t exceed personal statement number of words.
  • Don’t repeat things already mentioned in your resume.

Some applicants are not good at writing and they’re afraid not to get fellowship opportunities despite all their abilities. They have no idea about the content and residency personal statement length or fellowship personal statement length. In this situation, it’s better to get help from the experts. You should not put your career at stake. Spending a few dollars can Help you to get a fellowship in your dream program.

Make your rheumatology personal statement a win by checking our writing tips and coll samples! Write it like no one can!