How to Write a College Application Essay: A Step by Step Guide

college application essay length

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how long should a college application essay beNow, there are quite a lot of things that you might want to consider when it comes to writing your application essay. Right off the bat, you would have to make sure that it’s completely relevant, on point and precise so that you impress the assessing commission. Furthermore, you would have to follow the given format closely in order to ensure that everything is up to the standards which are being demanded. One of these standards is the length of your essay.

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Every college or university is going to pose a word limit for common app essay and you have to make sure that you fall within it if you don’t want to get stripped down to additional points. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you will have to abide by in addition.

College Application Essay Length Is of Utter Importance

how long should a college application essay be tipsThe first thing that you need to understand about the personal statement length is that it’s very important. It’s not just something irrelevant – it provides the foundation of the framework that you would have to fit within in order to ensure that everything is of the highest standards.

The common app essay word limit is thoroughly calculated in order to provide the writer with the chance to include the most relevant information without fluffing the entire piece.

This is also why you are going to see this particular restriction in every single requirement list that you come across when preparing for your application essay.

The Common App Essay Word Limit – Determined Precisely

common app essay word limitNow, even though you wouldn’t get penalized for going over the limit slightly, if you do cross that border significantly, you are going to get some points stripped away. Keep in mind that the length of statement of purpose is there for a reason. So, in order to get through this without getting penalized, you might want to take a few things into consideration. Let’s take a look.

The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that you have a clear schedule of your writing in head. You want to ensure that you have the structure of your writing with everything that you wish to include. After you are through with this, simply divide your yet-to-be text in paragraphs and determine the word limit of every paragraph. Make sure that you follow this particular plan and don’t add words to any paragraph. Even though you might think that a little 50 words additionally are nothing considerable, they are quickly going to add up and make your essay a lot longer than it should be.

Follow Your Plan Carefully

You need to make sure that the strategy that you’ve undertaken is followed closely. This means that once you have divided your text in paragraphs and allocated a specific amount of words to each and every paragraph, you would have to make sure that you stick to this schedule and don’t alter it. As we mentioned above, this is absolutely paramount for your writing undertaking.

Of course, this doesn’t meant that you should compromise on quality. The length of your app essay is a secondary characteristic which is important but shouldn’t be thoroughly prioritized. You have to make sure that even though you fall within the given amount of words you maintain the highest possible quality. So, for instance, if you have to write additional words you should make sure that they are as valuable as the ones that you’ve already written. What is more, if you have to cut back on the volume, you make sure that you don’t omit important facts because of that. This is absolutely paramount and of great importance. In any case, abiding by the common app essay word limit is definitely challenging. This is why you might want to rely on our professional help in order to get the job done thoroughly and up to the highest standards.

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