Don’t Ignore This Requirement: Personal Statement Maximum Length

personal statement maximum length

For many students looking to enter their dream school to enhance their knowledge and skills and looking to enter their dream job in the future, they are finding ways on how to better their personal statement. Many of them are confused on personal statement maximum length and thinking how long their essay should really be to avoid boring their readers with a very long personal essay.

How Many Words Personal Statement

Remember, your personal statement length is not the same across all applications because requirements per school vary, too. If you are going to write a personal statement, you might as well want to go to the official site of the school and look up information on how many words personal statement.

In many cases, the usual length for their personal statement is from 500 and 800 words, typical limits. An essay is kept from one to two pages at most. On the other hand, there are schools requiring their applicants to create a 1500-word essay. According to experts though, you should not take up that much personal statement word count when writing but only half of it as much as possible.

As you already know, your personal essay must not be too long, but concise enough to compel or attract its readers to read from the start to the finish. You can also keep your essay within the word count restrictions as much as possible, but make sure that its content is meaty and contain the most compelling information about you and your story.

Words to avoid in personal statement! Stop making these mistakes!

In the maximum words for personal statement, you should not also violate the rules, but you must be able to present your essay in the most pleasing way that is also very easy to read.

  • If the personal statement is a standalone document, you can open it with a simple but clear header (Personal Statement for Your name).
  • Now if there are other pages to your essay more than one, you should be able to include your name on each page, too.
  • You should choose a good font style, including Bookman and Times New Roman. These are the two most common fonts used in many formal documents because they are easy to read.
  • Your personal statement must be of 12-point size and not going below 10-point size. Remember to use a uniform font size throughout your personal statement.
  • You should also use enough margins that your readers will not be distracted by cramped ones. You should use one-inch margins on all sides.
  • You should also single space your essay and do not skip lines in your essay and between paragraphs.
  • Always use personal statement counter to ensure that your statement is within the required limit

There you have the most important tips to know not only about maximum words for personal statement but also some technical details of the content, font size and font style. Read and understand requirement per school you are looking to apply, as requirements also vary. Follow and apply them in your essay or use statement of purpose writing services to do well in your application today!