Personal Statement Length

Why Is Your Personal Statement Length Important?

personal statement lengthWhen you make your application you will be asked to provide them with a personal statement as part of your application. Often this is the only part of your application that is not wholly based on grades and qualifications and is the only part of your application through which they can learn who you are. Well written your personal statement can be the deciding point in your acceptance or otherwise. Writing the perfect personal statement, however, is far from easy as you will want to ensure that you cover everything that they are looking for within a very restricted personal statement length. The committee may have to read many hundreds of personal statements so they place a very precise personal statement word limit on your writing and you should never be tempted to exceed it. Exceeding the personal statement word count does not just make your statement longer than what they want to read it also shows that you are someone that either ignores or cannot follow instructions, something that is not going to help you win that place.

How Can You Keep within Your Personal Statement Character Limit?

personal statement word limitThis website will help you to learn how you can write your personal statement effectively without exceeding the page count that you are allowed. Many personal statements will require you to use less than 500 words and some less than just 250 so you will have to learn how to be very concise with your writing if you do not want to exceed that limit. But just how do you keep your writing short while still providing all of the information that they are looking for? This website will help you to look at all of the following areas so that you can ensure that every word that you write is adding value to your personal statement:

  • Ensuring that what you write is relevant: this website will review and explain exactly what the different committees are looking for and what you will need to cover within your personal statement so as to avoid putting in irrelevant information that eats away at your word count.
  • How to avoid using information that is already included within other parts of your application, there is no need to duplicate information within your personal statement.
  • Avoiding the use of information that is obvious such as telling them what your responsibilities were for a specific job when those responsibilities are inferred by the job title.
  • How to use short and concise examples to demonstrate your skills and achievements while minimizing your word use.
  • How to write in a concise manner by:
    • Avoiding the use of redundant words, 3am in the morning can become just 3am.
    • Removing “intensifiers” from your writing: don’t use words like really, very, extremely or quite.
    • Reducing the length of phrase: “Those of us that were in the know would never have…” Could become “The Knowledgeable amongst us would have never…”
    • Removing phrase that add zero value: Remove things like “at the present time” or “as far as I am concerned.”
    • Not using clichés, not only are they often long winded they rarely add value and you are not going to impress the reader using them: they want to read what you have to say in your own words.
    • Don’t use euphemisms as they are often longer than the word that you are avoiding, if someone died say they “died” not that they “passed away”.

So if you want to learn how to stay within your personal statement length just follow our advice and hints for concise personal statement writing!